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2012 › November

  • This short article describes the most important productivity enhancement for working in a shell (zsh) in the last few months for me: A shortcut for completing the most recent files. In my daily work, it often happens that I save an email attachment (or download a file from the internet) and then do something with it in a shell, like unpacking it, applying a patch to source code, and so on. Read more →

  • NeXTstation (1024x768 px) Auf der diesjährigen RGB2R brachte Ralf eine NeXTstation mit. Die Maschine hat eine 20 MHz Motorola 68k CPU, 20 MB Arbeitsspeicher und eine leicht defekte 400 MB SCSI-Festplatte. Das installierte Betriebssystem NeXTSTEP ließ sich leider nicht richtig hochfahren, beim Starten kamen einige Fehlermeldungen bezüglich nicht-auflösbarer Services und das Loginfenster erschien nicht. Read more →

  • After launching Debian Code Search, sometimes its index-backend processes would crash when presented with some class of queries. The queries itself did not show an interesting pattern, and in fact, it wasn’t their fault. Looking at the system’s journal, I noticed that the processes were crashing with SIGILL, the signal when an illegal instruction for the CPU is encountered: Nov 07 00:11:33 codesearch index-backend[10517]: SIGILL: illegal instruction Nov 07 00:11:33 codesearch index-backend[10517]: PC=0x42558d Interestingly, on my workstation, I could not reproduce this issue. Read more →

  • I hereby announce a new Debian project: Debian Code Search. Debian Code Search is a search engine for program source code within Debian. It allows you to search all ≈ 17000 source packages, containing 130 GiB of FLOSS source code (including Debian packaging) with regular expressions. Read more →

2012 › October

  • At our house, we have a single, high-quality laser color printer in the basement (along with the other computer equipment) which everybody uses, as opposed to a crappy cheap printer at everyone’s workplace. This is a great setup in our situation, since nobody prints a lot individually, so the slight discomfort of having to go to the basement is a welcome trade-off for not having to maintain cheap printers. Read more →

  • RC bugs

    Tags: debian

    I recently worked on the following RC bugs: #691125 — ejabberd: package installation creates /root/.erlang.cookie I tracked down the cause of this and provided a patch. Now I also know how piuparts works in detail :-). #691180 — connman: Connman won't run due to missing libxtables. Read more →

  • mbiebl has recently uploaded systemd 44-5 to Debian unstable. If you are already using systemd, you should definitely upgrade to this version, it fixes a lot of little annoyances. This is especially important if you are using libvirt >= 0. Read more →

  • I recently worked on the following systemd-related issues: #686115 - CanReload is set to yes unconditionally for legacy SysV services I wrote a patch which uses a heuristic to figure out whether a SysV init script supports the reload option or not. Read more →

  • About two years ago, I rented a dedicated server to host a few virtual machines. It’s been running fine ever since, but at some point, faster and more energy-efficient hardware is available for the same price. I decided to rent a new server mostly for the additional RAM, which is very valuable when hosting virtual machines — other resources such as CPU, disk and network are usually not a bottleneck. Read more →

  • Hello Planet Debian. This post serves as a confirmation that my feed/blog setup is working. I am a DD since a few months and will blog occasionally about my Debian activities. Read more →

2012 › September

  • In July, I was looking for a new android phone. My HTC Desire Z was feeling pretty slow and after seeing how well Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) performed on my friend’s devices, I decided to upgrade. I’ve read a few reviews back then and it seemed like the Samsung Galaxy S3 was the best phone at the time: Its hardware is stunning, it’s faster than every other phone and it looks okay. Read more →

  • There is official documentation on the Go C language interface (or cgo in golang terminology), but the things it covers are relatively simple. I have used cgo recently in a real-world project and I want to share my experiences in this short article, that is, how to use types properly (avoiding the void* equivalent unsafe. Read more →

  • On an up-to-date Debian testing system, lvremove fails sporadically when removing snapshots. The cause is not yet fully debugged, see Debian bug 549691. The symptom looks like this: $ lvremove -f plana/snap_web Unable to deactivate open plana-domu--web-real (253:3) Failed to resume domu-web. Read more →

  • One of the nice things about systemd is that you can change the Nice level and IO scheduling class/priority in a very simple way. I have recently configured bacula-fd on my server in such a way that it will not put a lot of load on the machine: To override the service unit, in this case bacula-fd. Read more →

  • Our local computer club NoName e.V. has about 20 members. Since we introduced membership fees to pay for server and domain costs a while ago, we have to deal with bank transfers. To automate confirmation and reminder mails about the payment situation of each member, it’d be helpful to have a unique identifier for each member so that we can build a script which can reliable match a bank transfer to a member (without using fuzzy matching on the name). Read more →

  • Hallo! Wie jedes Jahr findet diesen November das Retro-Spiele-Event RGB2R des NoName e.V. statt. Der Plan: Jeder holt seine alten Spiele-Konsolen und -Computer jeglicher Art aus dem Schrank und verbringt in netter Gesellschaft viele Stunden Spaß mit den Spielen, die damals unsere Kindheit prägten. Read more →

2012 › August

  • Because it is insanely hard to google this, here is how to disable auto-reload of PDF files within Evince (>= v3.4.0): gsettings set org.gnome.Evince auto-reload false Read more →

  • First of all, I know that there already are a gazillion of websites out there which praise nginx and other caching HTTP wonders. This one is a tad different in that it contains a few nifty tricks (tl;dr: force caching, selective GET parameter caching, iptables traffic redirection, monitoring nginx with collectd)… The situation There is this website, and it’s using apache with mod_php, running some rather badly engineered code which we cannot get rid of just now. Read more →

2012 › July

  • Da die Entwicklung von sup (und dessen Nachfolger heliotrope/turnsole) absolut untragbar für ein OSS-Projekt ist, bin ich vor einer Weile auf den „Konkurrent“ notmuch umgestiegen. Da notmuch nur ein Mail-Index ohne Frontend ist, hat man die Wahl zwischen verschiedenen Frontends. Read more →

  • Vor einer Weile habe ich eine alte APC Smart UPS 700 bekommen, für die ich neue Batterien gekauft und eingebaut habe. Nun bin ich dazu gekommen, zu testen, ob die UPS läuft. Wichtig zu erwähnen ist dabei, dass die APCs keine normale Belegung der Seriellen Schnittstelle benutzen. Read more →

2012 › June

  • the finished box (1024x720 px) It’s been roughly three years since I upgraded my last workstation and I felt it was time for a new computer. With a new CPU, a fast SSD and lots of RAM, compilation times should be much faster and annoying waiting for my computer to do stuff should be much reduced. Read more →

2012 › April

  • Gestern kriegte ich bescheid gesagt, dass ein Server, den ich mitbetreue, kaputt gegangen sei. Die Hardware wurde vom Hoster getauscht, allerdings wurden auch neue Platten eingebaut. Der Hoster bot an, zusätzlich die alte Platte anzuschließen, um die Daten zu kopieren. Read more →

  • Soeben habe ich i3 v4.2 released. Die Release notes enthalten alle Neuerungen. Read more →

2012 › March

  • Vor einiger Zeit habe ich einen Artikel veröffentlicht, wie man eine DVD zum Wiederherstellen des Systems in einen definierten Zustand erstellt. Dieser Artikel ist ein Folgeartikel, der nahezu dasselbe macht, aber auf Basis einer USB-Festplatte statt einer DVD, und mit einer neueren Version von grml Linux. Read more →

2011 › December

  • Soeben habe ich i3 v4.1.1 released. Die Release notes enthalten alle Neuerungen. Read more →

  • Perl-Module von CPAN installieren ist eigentlich ganz einfach, aber viele Leute wissen nicht, was sie mit der entsprechenden Fehlermeldung anfangen sollen. Daher habe ich online gestellt, eine Seite, welche erklärt, wie man ein Perl-Modul von CPAN installiert (einmal mit und einmal ohne Root-Rechte). Read more →

  • I wrote a few Perl scripts for various things during the last few years. Many of them run on machines which I don't maintain on my own (other people have root access, too) and some even run on machines which I don't have access to at all. Read more →

  • I use OpenVPN relatively often, for example to get reliable IPv6-connectivity in places which don’t have IPv6 yet (miredo works well most of the time, but an own VPN is more stable). One of the things which I previously understood only a little bit was the MTU (Maximum Transfer Unit). Read more →

2011 › November

  • systemd ist lange überfällig, denn die Schmerzen beim Überführen eines quick'n'dirty shell scripts in einen ordentlich wartbaren Dienst sind mit sysvinit einfach viel zu groß. Vor ziemlich langer Zeit habe ich den RaumZeitMPD geschrieben, einen IRC-Bot, welcher bei !stream anzeigt, welches Lied gerade gespielt wird und bei ! Read more →

  • Soeben habe ich i3 v4.1 released. Die Release notes enthalten alle Neuerungen. Read more →

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