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Go is my favorite programming language.

2023 › January

  • gokrazy is an appliance platform for Go programs: with just a few commands, you can deploy your Go program(s) on a Raspberry Pi or a (typically small) PC. I’m excited to let you know that gokrazy now comes with a re-designed gok command line tool and gokrazy instance configuration mechanism! Read more →

2020 › February

  • When spawning a child program, for example in an integration test, it is often helpful to know when the child program is ready to receive requests. Delaying A brittle strategy is to just add a delay (say, time.Sleep(2 * time.Second)) and hope the child program finishes initialization in that time. Read more →

2020 › January

  • In case you are not yet familiar with why an initramfs (or initrd, or initial ramdisk) is typically used when starting Linux, let me quote the wikipedia definition: “[…] initrd is a scheme for loading a temporary root file system into memory, which may be used as part of the Linux startup process […] to make preparations before the real root file system can be mounted. Read more →

2019 › September

2019 › August

2017 › October

2017 › August

  • I strive to respect everybody’s personal preferences, so I usually steer clear of debates about which is the best programming language, text editor or operating system. However, recently I was asked a couple of times why I like and use a lot of Go, so here is a coherent article to fill in the blanks of my ad-hoc in-person ramblings :-). Read more →

2017 › January

  • NOTE that the documented assumptions about fsync skipping are incorrect in the code below. Prefer using the renameio package. Writing files is simple, but correctly writing files atomically in a performant way might not be as trivial as one might think. Read more →

2012 › November

  • After launching Debian Code Search, sometimes its index-backend processes would crash when presented with some class of queries. The queries itself did not show an interesting pattern, and in fact, it wasn’t their fault. Looking at the system’s journal, I noticed that the processes were crashing with SIGILL, the signal when an illegal instruction for the CPU is encountered: Nov 07 00:11:33 codesearch index-backend[10517]: SIGILL: illegal instruction Nov 07 00:11:33 codesearch index-backend[10517]: PC=0x42558d Interestingly, on my workstation, I could not reproduce this issue. Read more →

2012 › September

  • There is official documentation on the Go C language interface (or cgo in golang terminology), but the things it covers are relatively simple. I have used cgo recently in a real-world project and I want to share my experiences in this short article, that is, how to use types properly (avoiding the void* equivalent unsafe. Read more →