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Michael Stapelberg


I use computers for fun and profit. In my spare time, I participate in the Free and open-source software community.


I wrote and maintain the Linux tiling window manager i3 since 2009.

Shortly thereafter, I started focusing on projects in Go, my favorite programming language. Notable Go projects of mine are the code search engine Debian Code Search, and the Go appliance platform gokrazy, on top of which I implemented router7, a small home internet router.

Sometimes I dabble in electronics: many people know me from the kinT replacement keyboard controller for Kinesis Advantage ergonomic keyboards, which allows you to run the QMK Open Source Firmware. During the pandemic, I made my doorbell intercom smarter with MQTT.

I used to be a Debian Linux Developer, but these days I have effectively retired, aside from keeping services running. Instead, I like to publish Linux distribution research on the topic of fast package management.

My early adoptions are IPv6 and HiDPI, so I contributed patches to numerous programs (chromium, apt, radvd, vsftpd, etc.)


I sometimes give talks.


To email me, replace the first dot with an @ symbol in this site’s domain.

If you want to say thank you, feel free to buy me a coffee :)

If you’re curious about the software behind this blog: It’s Hugo, a static site generator written in Go, with a custom theme developed from scratch. Please don’t steal my custom theme, it was a lot of work! Choose one of the many great Hugo templates instead.

If you decide to GPG-encrypt your email, expect a delayed clear-text response.