Michael Stapelbergs Website

I use computers for fun and profit. In my spare time, I participate in the Free and open-source software community.

I wrote the Linux tiling window manager i3, the code search engine Debian Code Search and the netsplit-free, distributed IRC network RobustIRC.

Sometimes I dabble in electronics, for example with freetserv, my open hardware serial terminal server, or kinX, a low-latency replacement keyboard controller for Kinesis keyboards.

In Debian, I maintain a bunch of packages and services.

My early adoptions are IPv6 and HiDPI, so I contributed patches to numerous programs (chromium, apt, radvd, vsftpd, etc.)

I sometimes give talks.

To email me, replace the first dot with an @ symbol in this site’s domain. If you decide to GPG-encrypt your email, expect a delayed clear-text response.