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Michael Stapelberg

25 Gbit/s speedtest server (2022)

published 2022-12-08
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I’m running an Ookla Speedtest server that’s connected via 25 Gbit/s to the internet.

→ Read more about the hardware

→ Read more about the internet connection

Ookla CLI Speedtest using Docker (or podman)

Running a Docker container might be the easiest way to run the Ookla Speedtest CLI:

# docker run --net host --rm -it \ \
    -s 50092

FYI, server id 43030 is the init7 speedtest server, which is also connected via 25 Gbit/s.

Ookla CLI Speedtest, manually installed

Follow the instructions at to install the Ookla Speedtest command line tool.

Then, run a speedtest:

# speedtest-cli -s 50092


If you cannot use the Ookla Speedtest for some reason, you can also download a file via HTTP.

As I described in my article on 25 Gbit/s HTTP downloads, you should be able to easily saturate 25 Gbit/s without any further tuning:

% curl -v -o /dev/null

If your download is unexpectedly slow, try enabling TCP BBR.