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Michael Stapelberg

wiipdf (2014)

published 2014-11-07, last modified 2020-11-21
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wiipdf is a tiny tool for Linux (and all other operating systems on which cwiid runs) which calls xpdf and goes one page forward/backward as soon as you press A or B on your wiimote. Each press will be signalled by a short rumble of your wiimote. Pressing the home button ends the presentation.

I have been inspired to write this program by Geerd-Dietger Hoffmann and Dag Wieers’s presentation on FrOSCon 2008 :-).


You need cwiid from After installing this library, you can just compile and install wiipdf using:

make && sudo make install



wiipdf is free open source software under the BSD-Lizenz.


Current development can be followed in gitweb.


If you would like to drop me a message, please send me an email.