Uploading packages via SFTP

published 2013-06-08, last modified 2019-02-04 in tag debian

Yesterday I uploaded a big package and got multiple timeouts. I then figured out that DDs can also upload using SFTP (i.e. SSH’s file transfer thingie) instead of traditional FTP, which seems like a more modern alternative. So let’s give that a try. With dput-ng, the following configuration leads to using sftp by default:

mkdir -p ~/.dput.d/profiles/
cat > ~/.dput.d/profiles/ftp-master.json <<EOT
    "fqdn": "ssh.upload.debian.org",
    "incoming": "/srv/upload.debian.org/UploadQueue/",
    "method": "sftp"

Note that uploading via SFTP will lead to debianqueued uploading the files via FTP for you. But maybe that is more reliable than doing it yourself. We’ll see :-).